MINC THINKS jewels are a necessity in life. That’s why we are loving Beauty and the Bead!

Ultra-glam girl Marilyn Monroe wasn’t kidding when she said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. We love to feel sparkly and fabulous, especially this time of the year! What happens when you can’t afford real gems? You purchase the next best thing, jewelry from Beauty and the Bead. Designed by Marnie S, Beauty and the Bead offers you lavish jewelry without the outlandish prices.

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Margaux INC worked with Beauty and the Bead to present Dazzle 2007. Dazzle was a trunk show focused on pairing these dazzling jewelry designs with the latest creations from local Portland fashion designers. It was a fabulous evening full of delicious foods, sensational shopping, beautiful models, and wonderful event guests.

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You don’t have to wait until the next event to shop Beauty and the Bead. Take some of these dazzling designs home today. After all, there is nothing more tragic than homeless jewelry! Visit their official MySpace page at myspace.com/beautyandthebead.

Bio from Marnie, Owner of Beauty and the Bead:

“I was born in Montana and moved to Oregon in 1978. I have had a creative streak most of my life. Whether it be calligraphy, crafts, dancing, writing music or cooking,  I love all things creative.  I have a full time career as a Technical Recruiter.  I share my home with my three wonderful kitties (who never bother my jewelry table- they are trained!). I love to travel, spend time with my friends and I’m known for my wicked sense of humor.  I started making jewelry about five years ago. I had a girlfriend at the time who made amazing jewelry.  After observing her make a few things, I  thought I’d love to have a new creative hobby as well. My designs quickly focused around beading. What I discovered was a world of possibilities.  I quickly learned ways of  turning old into new. I started mixing vintage beads with gemstones and crystals. I tore old or broken jewelry apart and incorporated what I could into new totally unique pieces.  Today I do a lot of custom work. I have people bring me old necklaces, earrings, bracelets, broaches and many are family heirlooms. What good are they just sitting in a drawer? I either remake the piece or use the beads to create one-of-kind specialties. Have a special occasion outfit that needs super bling? I can design it for you!  A formal event or wedding? What dress is complete without jewelry? I am available for private showings, trunk shows and gladly take custom orders.


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  2. This is the most awesome resource – all of us newbies love it – thank god someone is out there for us – great job – I’m proud of you!

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