MINC THINKS we need some Sugar Couture!

Drea of Sugar Couture is generating some sweet buzz with fashionistas! We love her fresh and tasty designs . It’s also nice to know that her tees are produced in limited quanities. That means we have exclusive shirts, which makes us feel special. Check out our interview with Drea and visit her website at www.sugarcouture.com. Sweetness!




Our interview with the designer: 

How did you get into fashion?  I got my start in fashion as a teenager. Obsessed with not fitting in, I made all my clothing in high school…If it was purchased I remixed it. I started selling custom made tee shirts to my high school classmates. Then in 2000 I designed and constructed my best friends wedding dress. I started making prom dresses, Bridesmaids dress you name it I made it. I applied to FIDM in 2000 and fell head over heals in love with the fashion industry. In 2004 after years of planning I launched Sugar Couture and Sugarcouture.com.

What is the inspiration behind Sugar Couture?  The streets of San Francisco. “Fashion is not just clothing, it’s a way of life.” fashion is not about function but about the theatrics of life and living. wild, colorful, in your face fashion that still maintains its reputation of quality and hand details gutter punk style, and an eclectic mix of hip hop, and chic luxury .Somehow this blend works and this blend is “Sugar Couture.”

What is your favorite part of the business? The actual physical construction of each garment is my favorite part of this business. Being able to sketch an idea on paper and see it to completion is amazing.

Where do you see Sugar Couture in 5 years?  In 5 years I see sugar couture in all major retailers EXCEPT Walmart ha ha ha. I would love to have my own section in Neiman Marcus. I see Sugar Couture ad campaigns in all major fashion editorials WORLDWIDE!

What is this season’s must-have?  Shiny Leggings or “Party Tights” It is cold outside and nude pantyhose are so passé. Black Opaque shiny leggings or party tights allow you to wear that mini without looking too scandalous. Plus my all time must have black eyeliner and fake lashes!

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