MINC THINKS we need to induldge ourselves with SOY SPACASSO!

The SOY SPACASSO line is branded as “The Sophisticated Soy Spa Skincare and Candle”. The ultra upscale appeal of the SOY SPACASSO Company is on the cutting edge of the soybean technology especially with their unique skin care products created from the soybean oil.  SOY SPACASSO caters to those who love to indulge and pamper their body with luxuriously decadent, high quality, natural, healthy and non-chemical soy skincare and enjoy basking in the wafting aroma of fragrant filled soy candles.
The use of delicious scents in skin products continues to be huge — everywhere you turn there are products that sound so good it’s hard not to taste, as well as sniff, them. The SOY SPACASSO line is filled with decadence. These soy products are infused with scents and flavors such as mandarin, mango, juniper, strawberries & champagne, chocolate, vanilla, sandalwood and many others. With those preferring popular neutrality, the big hits are Natural and Oatmeal Milk & Honey.  SOY SPACASSO continually educates about the soybean and its benefits in skincare which has caused its recognition in the spa, health, beauty, and fragrance industries and customer base.

And now you to are personally invited to experience the delicious world of SOY SPACASSO TM where you will revel in being sexy from the Bath to the Bed to the Boardroom with soy candles, soy lotions, lip spa balms, lotion bars, body scrubs, body sprays, body creams, mist massage oils and an exciting new “SOY – BASED” parfum “PELLICCIO’S FIRE” that was unveiled in Westchester, New York on June 14, 2007.





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